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Keeping the Dream Alive

keep your dream alive

In these challenging times, I want to share three simple steps that you can do to keep your dream alive.

1- You have to keep the FAITH
The time to reclaim your Faith is right now, and remember this too shall pass. To keep the dream alive, you have to be able to see the end in sight with a clear vision. See yourself finishing the race and then take a step forward inside of that race.

2- You have to keep your FOCUS
Your current circumstances are there for a reason. They are not there to define you. They are to make you stronger and refine you. Remember, whatever you focus on grows, so focus on your dream and vision and learn and grow from your circumstances so that you can keep your dream alive.

3- You have to stay PERSISTENT
Develop the mindset and grit right now that refuses to quit. The time when you feel the furthest from your dreams is usually when you are the closest. All great things are an uphill battle, so keep climbing my friend.

In closing, I want you to know that I was very close to walking away from my childhood dreams in 1989. Today, I am so grateful that when the chips were down and I was struggling that I didn’t.

I’m begging you to keep the FAITH, stay FOCUSED on your vision, and see yourself FINISHING the race.
Create the mindset right now that says I REFUSE TO QUIT.
You are in for the ride of your life in keeping the dream alive.

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