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Todd Stottlemyre’s Keynote Topics

The 9 Point Success System

As we progress in our career and climb the corporate ladder, rung by rung, we try our best to achieve the American Dream. It’s what we live for day in and day out where we put our hope and faith, and why we dedicate ourselves to work hard.

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Champion adversity: become a grand slam leader

Setting goals and dreaming are part of how we realize our destiny. Every day, we set short term goals when we wake up to accomplish certain tasks during the day and we set long term goals that give us an idyllic vision of where we want to be in a few months or a few years.

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Be the Master of your Decision-Making

It has been documented by various studies that we make about 35,000 decisions each day. This sounds absurd, but we make about 226 decisions each day on our food intake alone. As your level of responsibility elevates, so do the choices you need to make.

What Your Audience Will Learn

Leadership: Leading in the Big Leagues

What are the qualities that define a GREAT leader? Excellent communication skills, the ability to really listen to others, and strategic thinking are all characteristics that we look for in excellent leaders. But in order to be a grand slam leader a person needs to be able to come back from losses, and strikeouts.

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Grief into Growth, and Growth into Goodness

Grief. It’s a scary word with dark feelings and circumstances that no one likes talking about. Our society tends to steer away from talking about death as much as possible because of the sensitivity and sadness that overcomes those affected by it.

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How to Push “Your Very Best” to the Next Level

How many times in your life have you told yourself that you gave it all on a task so much so that you literally have nothing else to give? I have been guilty of this a lot in my life because I have experienced physical pain while pitching.

What Your Audience Will Learn

“We rarely find speakers that elicit such an immediate, unsolicited and positive response from attendees as Todd did. I received multiple comments that Todd was ‘one of the best speakers they’d ever seen’ – not just at industry event. Todd was also very welcoming and giving of his time in talking with attendees before and after his session. We highly recommend him!”

- Insurors of Tennessee

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