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My mission is to be a guide to inspire others to live a life without limits. To assist you and your organization in raising the belief level of what’s possible. The Impossible just hasn’t been done yet.

It’s my goal that together we will create an engaging experience where we create lasting results. Results that can be measured. I will share my valuable lessons that I have received from life, baseball, and business where we unlock the champions that live in all of us.

"In 15 years we have hosted countless guest speakers and trainers at various personal development and "breakthrough" related events. I can authentically share with you not one had an impact on the attendees the way Todd Stottlemyre did. "Transformation Weekend" as it's called, focuses in on blindspots that may be holding one back and creates possibilities for where they could go or who they could be. Amazingly, even though Mr. Stottlemyre had never actually attended the course, it was as if he designed the entire thing himself. From start to finish everything he taught was in perfect alignment with our overall mission to help people. He was as professional as anyone, and shared actual stories of his experiences from the diamond and in life, that related to whatever the specific topic was. I believe this is what made Mr. Stottlemyre so special; it's one thing to train or lecture, but it's another to be able to relate to an audience, become vulnerable, and tell stories in a way that anyone would feel like they are watching a movie. He changed countless lives that weekend, and our only hope is he comes back in the near future to do it all over again."

- Casey Snyder

A few of my favorite speaking topics

  • 9 point achievement system

  • goal setting

    Turning dreams into realities, the process and mindset to awakening the champion that lives inside of you.

  • The mindset of a champion

    90% of winning is mental and it all starts with you. I will take you through all the peaks and valleys I learned in baseball and business in reaching the top in 3 different industries.

Watch Todd speak at Mountain Connect 2018 in Vail, CO

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Pitching advice from my father, Mel Stottlemyre


"We had the great pleasure of having Todd as our premier Keynote speaker at our Mountain Connect Broadband Development Conference in Vail, CO. Although Todd has no background in telecommunications, he delivered a memorable and valuable message to our audience. This says a great deal about Todd's ability to connect with a diverse audience while delivering a powerful yet relevant message in any industry. He exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking a well constructed and motivational speaker!"

- Jeffrey Gavlinski, CEO Mountain Connect