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How to get Unstuck

I’ve talked to a lot of people who are feeling stuck right now.

Maybe they had some success but they got to a place where they have a ceiling.

I will tell you if you are feeling stuck, the first thing you need to do is REFLECT.

Go back and look when things were good, what were you doing?

  • What kind of ACTIVITY were you in?
  • What did your PASSION look like?
  • What did your OBSESSION look like?

Now, go back and MEASURE that against where you are right now.

The other thing I would do if I were STUCK right now –
I would DOUBLE DOWN, TRIPLE DOWN, QUADRUPLE DOWN on ALL activity that is necessary for me to create RESULTS.

So, anytime I get STUCK I become a madman when it comes to work ethic.

If you are feeling STUCK do NOT stall…..

Put the gas pedal to the floor and take MASSIVE ACTION.

Hope this helps!

Be Relentless,

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