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What Winning Means to Todd Stottlemyre, In Baseball, Business and Life

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About Todd – Motivational Keynote Speaker

Todd Stottlemyre is a global entrepreneur, speaker, and high-performance business coach. A former professional athlete who played major league baseball for 15 seasons where he was a part of 3 World Championship Teams. Todd earned the prestigious Branch Rickey award and the Lou Gehrig award in the year 2000. He has spoken to audiences up to 20,000 people and is truly inspiring others to dream big, create goals, and is providing a strategic roadmap through his online performance academy. Todd authored the Best Selling Book, Relentless Success. It is Todd’s mission to be a guide to inspire others to live a life without limits.

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Relentless Success unfolds the process that will change your life forever. No person, thing or circumstance will ever hold you back again. Never again will you lack the knowledge to accomplish your goals. When you marry your work ethic to this success process is the day you will discover the champion that lives inside of you. Nothing is impossible, it just hasn’t been done yet.

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