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Todd Stottlemyre is a former MLB pitcher, high-performance business coach, bestselling author, keynote speaker, business owner, active investor, and advisor to multiple companies, including a fast-casual poke concept. Each day, he works to help his clients achieve unparalleled success in every dimension of their lives.

“I can still remember my dad saying, “whatever you decide to do, give it everything you have and be the best that you can possibly be.”

After a successful professional baseball career where he played on three World Championship teams, Todd came to a crossroads in his life: his father was in critical condition, after battling cancer for decades. Todd flew across the country to be with him, unsure if his father would be alive when he landed. But four days later, his dad walked out of the hospital, still full of energy and ideas for how he wanted to continue to live his life.

After this experience, Todd decided to dedicate his life to serving others, taking all he had learned on and off the field, and from his dad, to help people break the chains that were preventing them from living their most optimal lives. This was also the catalyst for writing his first book, Relentless Success (follow this link to download the audio version for free!).

“So many people think success is driven by talent – I think the opposite. It’s nothing more than a game of math: How many times are you willing to do it, over and over again, until it’s mastered?”

In the years since he left professional baseball, Todd pursued a career as a financial advisor who launched his own investment fund, a marketing entrepreneur, and currently is the co-founder and owner of a private equity fund that owns, manages, and oversees a number of companies.  Today, he’s built a platform that enables thousands of people every year to live unbounded lives and high-profile businesses to drive unprecedented results. Todd is also a dedicated husband and father of five, living what he coaches every day.

Todd’s life-changing, proven methods are based both on his lived experiences and the science of success. His new book, The Observer: A Modern Fable on Mastering Your Mind, published by Made For Success Publishing will be available December 2020.

Todd’s life-changing, proven methods are based both on his lived experiences and the science of success.

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