How to create more success with the 3 key ingredients

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I want to share three key ingredients that are going to help you create more success.
  1. You have to have absolute CLARITY on the outcome you desire.
    You not only have to be able to SEE it – but also to FEEL that outcome.
  2. You have to have the right BEHAVIORS underneath that outcome you desire.  Which means you have to do the right things- day in and day out, CONSISTENTLY.  
    Doing this over time will help you achieve that outcome.  Like Michael Jordan says, You can practice shooting a basketball 8 hours a day but if you practice shooting wrong – all you are going to become great at is shooting wrong!
  3. You have to have a COACH that can help you get across the goal line.
    Probably the most important, you need a coach that can help you hit that outcome, that goal, that desire that you have.
Hope this helps.

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