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Did you leave 2020 the right way?

leave 2020

Did you leave 2020 the right way, or are you still being induced by external influences of things happening in the world that you can’t control?

Let’s face it, for some people, 2020 was a mess. Others had a great year.

How did it affect you, and are you still living today with yesterday’s results?

It’s time to move on.

2021 is here whether you like it or not.

Today, I will give you three principles to focus on that will help you make 2021 great and help you focus on the things you can control.


Before we leave 2020 the right way, let’s make sure we study our past performances through reflection. If we don’t learn from our past performances, we continue to make the same mistakes repeatedly. Take a moment to learn the lessons from 2020, and then let go and take massive action toward all the things you want in 2021.


How we think is very important to the life we live. Our thoughts shape the destiny of our life. Therefore, your thought process becomes your battlefield. Today, we have a choice to have negative thinking or positive thinking. Our thoughts mustn’t be consumed by the past but by the possibility that lies ahead.  Stand guard and protect your mind and your thoughts.  Guard the inputs that are coming from TV, Social Media, and your Environments.  If negative inputs surround us, we become negative.  If positive inputs surround us, we become positive.

Guard your inputs as if your life depends on it and say goodbye to all negative thinking that is not serving the inner champion living inside of you.


Are your emotions drowning in things out of your control?  Remember, there is a purpose for your pain, setbacks, and failures, as they are there for you to learn.  Just remember, thoughts can drive emotions, and emotions can drive thoughts.  These two, work hand in hand, so just like controlling our mind’s inputs, we must also control the inputs of our heart.

Let’s leave 2020 the right way by reflecting and becoming the observer of our thoughts and emotions.

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  1. This really helped me reflect on 2020, and although the worst thing that happened to my family and I came out of left field. But your message time comes at a good time cause it’s time to learn to reflect let go and move forward. Thank you Coach.

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