180-Degree Mindset

March 14, 2019

The 180-degree mindset is when you replace a negative thought with a positive thought and you keep moving forward.

You must take massive action towards that positive thought.

I had to do this in my Major League career over and over again.

Every time I was standing on the mound with a negative thought, I would have my coaches and my mentors telling me,” Todd just replace the negative thought 180-degrees from there into a positive thought and then make the next pitch.” (which means take action)

The naysayers can’t help it; it is not that they are trying to hurt you. Their minds are not focused on your greatness.

We must ignore the naysayers and get great at thought replacement!

So every negative thought replace with a positive thought and continue to move forward and take more action.

Hope this helps.

Be Relentless,

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