5 Things to Help You Live the Life You Want

August 16, 2020

Prepare, Grow, and Learn Everyday

Today I have five things that will help you PREPARE for the day, GROW from the day, and LEARN from the day. Not one of these things takes talent, so if you make them a priority, you can achieve these five things every day. Remember, our days are a miniature version of our life, so we have to get our days right to live the life we want.   

Let’s begin the process of preparing, growing, and learning every day so that we may pursue the best versions of ourselves. 

  1. Morning routine, if developing a morning routine is new to you, then I suggest you start with something simple that you can achieve. You can grow your routine as it becomes a habit for you. Your morning routine prepares you for the day. I call it your championship hour. We have to battle proof our mind and prepare for the day because life is going to come at us. The way we battle proof our minds is by reading, listening to audios, praying, meditating, journaling, and even taking a walk in the neighborhood as soon as you get out of bed. 
  2. Exercise, there is so much science out there that claims that 30 minutes of cardio exercise done daily will help you fight off fatality type diseases by up to 50%. Daily exercise is also great for your brain and body and provides you with the energy to take on the day like a gladiator. If you don’t take the time to be healthy now, you will have to take the time to be sick later.
  3. Drink water, a significant percentage of our bodies are made up of water, and most people walk around dehydrated. Dehydration attacks your energy levels keeping you from being the best version of yourself on top of being very unhealthy. Its time to protect your health and your daily energy by drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water every day. 
  4. Read 30 minutes every day, This can be done in your morning routine or anytime throughout the day. Our minds are limitless, and reading books expands our minds. Adopt the never arriving mindset, always looking for ways to learn and grow. 
  5.  Closeout the day with four questions; 

What do I need to do more of daily to help me achieve my goals and dreams?

What do I need to do less of that may be clogging my calendar and keeping me from achieving my goals and dreams? 

What did I learn today? 

A day in which you don’t learn is a day that not worth living. 

The final question which has been life-changing for me is;

What are you grateful for right now?


Once again, preparing, growing, and learning every day takes no talent, which is why you can achieve these five things to become the best version of yourself. 

Remember, its what we do daily that counts- so you must ask yourself;

Am I getting my days right to create the life I want and become the best version of myself?


In closing, I hope these five things will help you the way they have helped me to live the life you want. 


  1. Trudy Adkins August 17, 2020 at 9:23 am - Reply

    Todd, your book and messages are very inspiring
    I am introducing my 14y/o to your blog as he needs to gain discipline into his daily life to be the athlete he wants to be!!

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