The Greatest Time to Live is Now

February 20, 2021

The greatest time to live is now, right now in this very moment.

Think about it many people at work finds their minds occupied with a vacation they want to go on.  On the contrary, many people on vacation find themselves thinking about work. The present moment is lost in both scenarios, which keeps us from being our best and experiencing the most from our lives.

Remember, where our focus goes, the energy flows. As a former professional athlete, I can still hear my coaches saying; this pitch, this moment, what are you going to do with it? They pointed out that the past was gone, and the only thing I could control was the next pitch.  Any focus being stolen from the present moment would keep me from being my best.

Life works the same way regarding the present moment. Whether you are with family, friends, working, or vacationing, being present is about being totally consumed in the moment.

Robin Sharma says that as you create better awareness, you make better choices, and by making better choices, you get better results.
You can miss out on some of life’s best moments if you aren’t living in the now.

Trust me; it takes practice.  Every time you find yourself distracted from where you are, stop yourself & ask this question; what can I do right now to bring me back to the moment.  This simple question will help you regain your focus back to taking action in the present moment.

In closing, the most significant time to live is right now. Yesterday is over, and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so be the best you can for YOU & OTHERS by being present in this very moment.

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