Taking on Responsibility is the First Step to Owning Your Life


January 31, 2021

My dad used to say; if you throw up, you have to sleep in it & if you want to dance, you have to pay the fiddler.

What he was referring to was taking responsibility for your life.

You must silence and kill off all excuses by owning your life, taking ownership of every thought, emotion, word, decision, choice, and action.

I will never forget my mentor Dave Stewart sharing what it’s like to take on the full responsibility of being a starting pitcher in Major League Baseball.  He said in the spring of 1993, ” Todd, you have to understand that when you take the mound as a starting pitcher that every fan of your team that paid their hard-earned money to watch you perform is counting on you to be the best you can be that day.” He continued by saying, ” The owner of the ball club, the president, the executive staff, the GM, every employee of the team, the manager, every coach, every teammate, your friends, and family are counting on you to be the best you can that day.”  Most importantly, “You are counting on You to perform at the best of your ability on that day.”

I was stunned, to say the least; I never realized just how vital my preparation and performance was and that it impacted so many people.

It elevated my mindset around my game and the importance of every time I took the mound, and from that day forward, there was never just “another game.”

Today, I take the message from 1993 into every facet of my life.  I understand the responsibility of owning my life. I don’t take for granted all of the people counting on me to show up and be my best.

What about you?

As you take on your day, ask yourself, who’s counting on you?
Or do you have the mindset; It’s just another day?
Are you going to own your life by killing off all excuses and commit to being your best so that you can own your mastery?

I believe you can-

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