Fail Your Face Off

November 5, 2018

Today I want to talk about failing.

So many people fear failure because of how they are going to look.

I want you to get so excited and get so fired up about failing that its crazy because failing is the multivitamin to all your success.

See, I want you to think about failing early, failing fast, and failing as often as you can.

Because every failure represents the coach and teacher to your greatness.

Failing is the refinery process that we have to go through to become that inner champion that we are striving to be

So don’t fear failure, look for it!!!!

Get out there and fail your face off every  single day. That is your road to your greatness.

I hope this helps!

Be Relentless,


  1. Brian Stimatze June 13, 2020 at 6:41 am - Reply

    This is working as prescribed for me; now that I “TRUST” and follow these principals!

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