How to Live a Legendary Life

Who do you want to be? If you died today, What would others say about your life? Would they use such terms as legacy? Would they say you walked with […]

The “F” Word

Today I want to talk about the “F’ word. That’s right, the “F” word: FREAKING FAILURE and how not to get hung up or consumed with all of the failure […]

The Real Deal on Goal Setting

Goal setting takes time. So many times people get excited and fired up to make significant changes in their life. They create and make all of these goals. They go […]

Stop Competing

Stop Competing! Stop competing against everyone else. If you are a company stop competing against the other companies. If you are an athlete stop competing against everyone else. If you […]

How’s your energy?

Performing at your best takes considerable energy. A person’s energy comes in 3 different sources. When one of these sources gets depleted, it will effect the other two, keeping us […]

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