How’s your energy?


May 28, 2019

Performing at your best takes considerable energy. A person’s energy comes in 3 different sources. When one of these sources gets depleted, it will effect the other two, keeping us from being our best.

The three energy sources:

  1. Mental Energy
  2. Physical Energy
  3. Emotional Energy

I call these the three E’s. These energy sources depend on each other for us to perform and live at our best.

#1 Mental Energy

The average person has thousands of thoughts per day, which begins to eat away at our mental energy. Mental energy is where your focus comes in. You have to block the noise and focus on the things that matter the most. I’m talking about extreme focus with no distractions. Get into solitude and quiet the world around you as you begin to focus on the things that matter the most. It takes work and practice to prepare your mind for your best work. Stand guard of your mind and protect your mental energy because your highest performance starts with a single thought. My mentor once told me, “They can take your body, but they can’t take your mind unless you give it to them.”

#2 Physical Energy

Are you physically showing up as your best when it counts the most? As a former professional athlete, I had to protect my physical energy at all times during the season so that I was physically ready on my game day. Likewise, you have to protect your physical energy so that you are prepared to perform when it counts.

I have 4 TIPS for you to protect your Physical Energy.

1. Sleep & Rest
You can’t work around the clock and expect to perform at your best. Science says that we need 7 to 71/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night to live and feel optimal.

2. Nutrition
How are we fueling our bodies? Is our diet and nutrition in alignment with us living out our best?

3. Water
Drink half your weight in ounces of water every day to fight off dehydration. Dehydration will massively affect your physical energy.

4. Exercise
Sweat every day for at least 20 to 30 minutes. It will enhance both your physical and mental energy. Remember, if one energy source breaks down it will begin to affect the others, therefore, keeping you from being your best,

#3 Emotional Energy

This is your passion. All of your excitement and enthusiasm comes from your emotional energy. Guard yourself against expressing your passion on the things you can’t control or that won’t help you become the best version of yourself. You only have so much emotional bandwidth. Don’t waste your energy on things that don’t matter. Guard yourself against replaying negative events in your life because it eats up your emotional energy.

To play the game of life at your best, you have to manage your energy.

These three energy sources need to be protected and expressed when it matters the most.

You were born with seeds of greatness. Water those seeds with your highest performing energy.

Give me 1 example of where you depleted your energy & it created a negative result & another example of how your focused energy created a positive result.

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