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Worrying VS Winning

Today I want to share a lesson I got from my father when I was a young kid.

This lesson is all about worrying versus winning.

We were up in the mountains, my brother, Mel Jr., myself, and our father. We were staying in a camper overnight in the mountains and a winter storm had moved over us. While our dad was sleeping, my brother and I were up worrying about the storm. The camper was shaking, and trees were falling. We woke up our dad and asked him, “how can you sleep through this?”

His response, “Whether you or sleeping or not sleeping the same result is going to happen.” He went on to say, ” we can’t control the weather, the storm or the trees falling so you might as well get your sleep.”

What’s the point here?

Dad never gave any energy to worrying about the things that he could not control. He stayed focused on the things he could control.

My lesson today is to stay focused on what you can control and let go of everything else.

Hope this helps.

Be Relentless,

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