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What do you need to learn?

I want to share a special message that I heard in church this past weekend from Dr. Dave Martin.
He said that if we aren’t doing as well as we would like to be doing then there is something for us to LEARN.
It is proven that the more you know the higher you will perform.
There are 3 different ways for us to learn.
#1 Learn from our own mistakes.
I have said it over and over again that failures and setbacks are our greatest teachers because they tell us exactly what we need to do to get better.
#2 Learn from someone else’s mistakes.
This one is probably more fun, fewer scars. Hire coaches and mentors and find people in your craft or in your space that have already made the mistakes and learn from them.  It’s your short cut to success.
#3 Book / Audios / Seminars
You purchasing these items is worth every penny because YOU are worth it!
I would love to hear something you have learned that helped you perform at a higher level …
Who knows, maybe I can feature you & your lesson in a future post…..
Hope this helps.
Be Relentless,
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3 Responses

  1. Breaking News!!!

    Learn from THE BEST!!!!!

    Todd Stottlelemyre is a Class Act.
    If you want to really succeed in life, just listen to Todd.
    He is an expert!!!
    His father was One of the BEST pitchers in Major League Baseball.
    His father was a LEGEND.


  2. I’ve learned a lot! LOL! 1. Stop caring what others think of you. Fear of what others thought held me back.
    2. In business and some life situations: Sell yourself. Have poise. Have posture. Never apologize. (This means when you are presenting yourself. Apologizing undermines your power, and may decrease your ability to influence others.)
    3. Believe in yourself. Faith vs Fear.

    1. That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing! I am fortunate to have you as a friend & business partner!

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