What are you telling yourself?

March 4, 2019

Today I want to talk about the power of your words.

We need to be very careful with what we tell ourselves.

Our words have power.

We actually become the words and conversations we tell ourselves.

If you call a problem a problem it magnifies into a bigger problem.

If you call a problem an opportunity then that problem actually becomes an opportunity.

Guard and choose your words wisely for they have power.

If you tell yourself you can then you can.

If you tell yourself you can’t then you can’t.

I’ve talked a lot about the 180-degree mindset and the words we tell ourselves and for every negative thought replace it 180 degrees with a positive thought.

I challenge you to adopt the 180-degree mindset and then take the next step and guard your words.

I hope this helps.

Be Relentless,

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