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Welcome to my new website, I’m so glad you’re here! My goal is to inspire and raise the belief level of every person that joins the www.toddstottlemyre.com community. I will be drawing on all of my experiences and valuable lessons that I have had in my life in baseball and business. I will also be sharing with you what I have learned from all of my mentors, coaches, and teammates. I have been blessed to have lived out my childhood dream of following in my fathers footsteps in playing major league baseball. Through my career, I have been coached by some of the greatest coaches in professional sports.

After my baseball career, I went into the business world and once again I have had the pleasure of being around and learning from some of the most incredible minds in business. All of my life I have been around great coaches starting with my father. The most successful people in the world all have coaches like professional athletes, actors, actresses, musicians, and CEOs. Even our Presidents of this great country have had mentors and coaches.

So here we are, as I continue to learn from my coaches and mentors my hope is that we can lock arms to transform to our Champion mindset and live out our dreams by living world class.

To great success,

P.S.If you want to lock arms and join me on this journey please register for the website. I look forward to seeing your success!

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  1. Thank you for a great and inspirational talk as our last DMX course of Realty Executives. I’m looking forward to your download 9 steps and book. Thank you for your valuable time today.

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