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(VIDEO) Take the “quit option” off the table

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  1. Great thoughts. I remember Todd, I’m from St. Louis and the first WS I saw was ’64. We are blessed here to have witnessed so many great teams and players like Ozzie, Willie, and Todd. Thank you

  2. Todd, great lesson and so good to see the values you are teaching! I watched the 10 min video and it was great! As I approach my 40th year with the Jays and it’s been a road less traveled , it’s funny that I ask my players to write a book , a story and the year they are with me , maybe it’s chapter 1, maybe 2, maybe it’s chapter 3 or even the epilogue to the start of their baseball careers, maybe it’s science fiction, maybe it’s a biography – whatever be the case make it a good read , because you will share it with others eventually ! I’ve used this premise the last 15 years in short season ball ( NYP Lg and Appy Lg ) …. Great video ! Dennis Holmberg

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