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To change and grow, you need to let go of your current self

To change and grow, you need to let go of your current self. You are going to need to challenge the status quo of your beliefs and habits. If you are reading this and think you don’t need to change, you are wrong. If we aren’t changing, we aren’t growing as a person. If you decided that you will embrace change and growth, I have four stages you can follow to help you in your journey to change. These are the four stages to change that I use to change and grow daily.

The Four Stages of Change

  1. Change the way you think. To pursue change, you need to believe that change is possible for you. Our current belief system is built on how we think, and it controls everything that we do. You will never be able to accomplish something if you don’t believe that can. Your awareness will always find a way to achieve change and growth when you have the right mindset.
  2. Be intentional with your actions. Your actions for change need to have a purpose. You need a desire to change, grow, and improve. Think about your actions, habits, and rituals on an average day. What is your morning routine like? How do you spend your day? What do you do before you go to bed? Deconstruct what you do daily, and make sure your habits will get you where you want to be. Today’s habits created today’s success, but they won’t get you to where you want to go tomorrow.
  3. Disrupt your comfort zone. Do things you have never done and things you are not good at in front of other people. Staying in your comfort zone is not inspiring. Show the people around you, and more importantly yourself, that when you fail, you get back up and try again. Intensify your actions and challenge yourself to try new things.
  4. Challenge your current perceptions. We create different truths based on our perceptions. We all have different experiences and stories that result in a different perception of the world. Sometimes, our biases keep us from seeing things clearly. Whether you like it or not, you are not always going to be right. When you challenge the way you think and feel, you will gain a better understanding of the world around you and will be able to embrace change.

If you want to get closer to the best version of yourself, you need to level up mentally and emotionally. These seven steps have helped me take my mental and emotional being to greater heights. These are steps you should practice every day. You should never feel comfortable where you are mentally and emotionally because our ability to improve is limitless.

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