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There’s a Gift in Every Moment

I have been having a lot of fun going live on Instagram with a concise – 60-second message – to hopefully inspire and encourage you to live your best life. I’m going to be sharing some of these topics with you right here weekly.

This weeks message is:

There is a gift in every MOMENT…

We all spend so much time thinking about the future. Look, I’m a big believer in making goals and developing a plan and developing a strategy. But my question for you today is:

​What are you doing with the gift of this MOMENT right now?

I want to encourage you to be more present and aware inside of each moment. This moment is just as much of a gift as the moment that you’re going to live or you are hoping to live a week from now. Or a month from now, or a year from now.

I don’t want you to miss out on the powerful gift you can experience by living in the MOMENT right now.
So go out and make this MOMENT count.

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