The X Factor

April 10, 2019

The power of being PRESENT is absolutely the X Factor for you to be living your best self.
When you can become 100% present with NO distractions, you create an awareness field that breeds the opportunity to make better choices.
As all of you know, when you make better choices you get better results. The most crucial time in your life is right NOW. Yesterday is over, all we can do is learn from it. Tomorrow is not here yet.
Remember, whatever you are saying YES to at the very same time, you are saying NO to something else.
The question is; are your decisions, actions, and choices aligned with you living your best self?
Great question I ask myself often is: what is essential for me to be doing right now in this moment?
If you struggle with living in the present or with letting something go from the past, don’t miss my next LIVE training inside my Inner Circle Private Membership Group April 18th.
I’m going to be teaching how to learn from & let go of the past so you can be your best self in the present.
I’m going to share how a tragedy controlled my life for over a decade and how I finally resolved it.


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