The Mindset of Never Arriving

February 4, 2019

I want to to talk to you about the mindset of never arriving.

Never falling  in love with your level of success or taking it for granted. We always fall much faster than we climb.

Many times we reach a certain level of success, and then we forget to do the little things daily that we had been doing before achieving that success.

In other words, nothing fails like success.

It’s those little things added up over time that creates massive success.

Darren Hardy wrote an incredible book called The Compound Effect that illustrates the concept of doing the little things every day.

One of my favorite questions I ask myself is if I continue to do this daily will I like where it will take me.

I want to encourage you to continue to have the mindset of never arriving.

You must maintain the student mindset and stay hungry for high achievement.

A lackadaisical mindset creates lackadaisical results.

Always strive to get better every single day. Always stay HUMBLE with your level of success. And always continue to be a servant to your craft so that you can indeed reach the pinnacle of WORLD CLASS.

In other words, being the BEST in the world at what you do. Just remember – Always have the mindset of never arriving.

Hope this helps!
Be Relentless,

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