How to Push “Your Very Best” to the Next Level

How many times in your life have you told yourself that you gave it all on a task so much so that you literally have nothing else to give? I have been guilty of this a lot in my life because I have experienced physical pain while pitching. I found myself giving into the pain, when in reality, if I focused really hard, the task became more powerful than the pain and I was able to re-focus my energies to get the job accomplished. How you perceive a situation’s difficulty level before you even start a task will directly affect your perception of the outcome.

I want to challenge everyone who hears me speak to take your “very best” to a new level. I will help you with tools that I have used in my career to fight through the fear and train your mind to take one more step when you don’t think you have it in you.

In my keynote, we will cover…


The powers of the mind as a tool for your success


How to grow despite fear or pain


How to fight the temptation to quit


Perception as deception


How to lead your company/ team to gain this next level of success for themselves

"It's been a few years since he last took the mound but he has continued to develop his mental game - his focus, intensity and clarity. Todd was a player for a few seasons but he is a coach for life. As a coach, Todd shares generously what he’s learned about what it takes to be a champion. He does so in a humble way fostering mutual respect among all."

- The Honorable John J. Carpenter

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