Be the Master of Your Decision-Making

It has been documented by various studies that we make about 35,000 decisions each day. This sounds absurd, but we make about 226 decisions each day on our food intake alone. As your level of responsibility elevates, so do the choices you need to make. A leader’s decisions always influence the trajectory of a team and how the outcome of a project will be determined. Leadership decisions have a ripple effect; and impact your business community, and how others feel engaged and committed to a project.

It is important that leaders listen to the input that others give to them prior to deciding. Sometimes, they visualize something that you cannot see because of their expertise on the team. When you encourage others to be art of the decision-making process, you will see an increase in productivity, buy-in, and ownership to the mission and outcome.

In my keynote, participants will learn:


You don’t have to master everything in order to dominate- just boil it down and master a few things /the art of keep it simple stupid


How to break the cycle of laboring through misery


You become the best in your industry from failing the most


You are never as bad or as good as your headline


How to effectively reflect on failure

"We hosted a 2-day training event for our local contractors. When we were deciding on what to add to our program to keep the audience motivated throughout the event, Todd was brought to the table. The whole team was blown away by the level of engagement Todd was able to capture during his talk. We sent everyone home with a copy of Relentless Success along with his workbook. We have had several customers mention how valuable that time was for them and the growth they’ve experienced after really identifying and evaluating their priorities. We hope to invite Todd back again soon!"

- Rachel Garcia - Malarkey Roofing Products®

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