Leading in the Big Leagues

What are the qualities that define a GREAT leader? Excellent communication skills, the ability to really listen to others, and strategic thinking are all characteristics that we look for in excellent leaders. But in order to be a grand slam leader a person needs to be able to come back from losses, and strikeouts. Grand slam leaders know how to tackle adversity and come back twice as strong. From these lessons I have found that leadership is a series of trials and tribulations and growth and learning comes with each hurdle.

I have found that in order to become a grand slam leader and positively influence employees effectively, you need to grow your reality in order to grow your leadership. Own up to mistakes, humble yourself to learn something from everyone, and especially learn from the people that are on your team regardless of their job description. A united team is more powerful than a 90-mph fastball.

In my keynote, participants will master my 5 powers by learning:


How to deliver thoughts more effectively to employees


How to channel emotions into a competitor’s mindset


How to become a master of your words to motivate employees to reach their full potential


How to create associations among your company/organization to unite the team


How to take confident steps of action when faced with adversity

"We had the great pleasure of having Todd as our premier Keynote speaker at our Mountain Connect Broadband Development Conference in Vail, CO. Although Todd has no background in telecommunications, he delivered a memorable and valuable message to our audience. This says a great deal about Todd's ability to connect with a diverse audience while delivering a powerful yet relevant message in any industry. He exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking a well constructed and motivational speaker!"

- Jeffrey Gavlinski, CEO Mountain Connect

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