Grief into Growth, and Growth into Goodness

Grief. It’s a scary word with dark feelings and circumstances that no one likes talking about. Our society tends to steer away from talking about death as much as possible because of the sensitivity and sadness that overcomes those affected by it. We find it uncomfortable to talk about loss because empathy with those experiencing it is so rare. Empathy is not just saying to someone “I know how you are feeling”. I have learned through the deaths of my father and brother that there are also steps to handle grief.

I first experienced grief when I struggled with understanding the death of my brother, Jason, who was diagnosed with leukemia and passed away at age 11. In his last days on earth, all he wanted to do was celebrate life.

I came across that same sadness again when my Dad was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. But I found my Dad’s strength and resilience in the eyes of death inspiring when I saw how bravely he walked out of the hospital without a cane after deciding to undergo cancer treatment and fight to live. His vision for his life and relentlessness is what inspired me to author my book, “Relentless Success.” We learned a lot from my brother and dad, but one of the biggest lessons I learned from them is how to turn grief into a positive experience.

Attendees will learn:


How to pick up with pieces and forgive/ move on


The gift and strength of positivity


How to continue a legacy


Let their memory and souls inside you make you a better person


Never give up

"Todd Stottlemyre is one of the most inspirational people I know. Todd has developed a frame work for goal setting & achievement that is simple and effective"

- Shawn Fuller
President Canada Wide Sports

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