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Simple Steps to Genius

Learn how to Keep things Simple as Todd shares stories from his time in the Major Leagues.

P.S.If you want to lock arms and join me on this journey please register for the website. I look forward to seeing your success!

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  1. Awesome, from the first day I heard you speak in ACN, then watch you grow into becoming one of the best trainers and builders in our Industry I knew you would go beyond with your coaching! Do excited for you snd proud if you brother. I’m sure you font remember but I spoke this into you early on! That you would be teaching the world! Granted, I am loving you using your life’s lessons from your baseball career to reach the the world with your teaching. In 36 years of seeing the best in personal development and training buddy you are one of the best I have seen! This video I will use and promote to every leader, coach and trainer I know snd meet!

  2. Have never heard you tell this particular story & so glad you did. Understandably you normally don’t think I am serious about creating a legacy for my family & I also understand why though.
    This is no joke what I am about to say. One of the things that I have heard you say to me many times specifically is “keep it simple” Tina. I really thought I was & obviously my business at a total standstill clearly proves otherwise. I have been very aggravated with myself for over a year plus now. I cannot explain it, this just gave me the clarity I need for keeping ACN simple. I have been my own worst enemy by not keeping it simple & creating duplication for others. Conciously I always say I will make it to RVP & above.
    Now listening to this I believe my subconscious was playing tricks on me. God willing, I can assure you that quitting has never been an option for me. I am more excited right now than ever & I know I will no doubt make it faster up the game board.
    Thank you so much Todd, this was a real ah ha moment & very powerful for me!!
    Tina R.

  3. Hi Mr. Todd.
    I met you on the Regional event with my Rvp Tony Bagetta.
    Thank you for your great teaching you shared with us.

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