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Sacrifice Your Way to Big Goals

What would you attempt to do if you were guaranteed to win? How big would your dreams be? What if every goal you set out to accomplish you knew you could achieve it. When you believe everything is possible is the day you start introducing yourself to the inner champion that lives inside of you. Every dream or goal is going to come with some sacrifices. Identifying the things that you are willing to give up in the short term is one of the steps to you living out the dreams of your life in the long term. You hitting and achieving your goals must become bigger than the short-term sacrifice that you need to make to hit those goals. One of my mentors once told me that the sacrifice has to be paid in full and up front. This means that the reward of you hitting your goals will come after you have made the necessary sacrifices to hit those goals.

In 1988 after my first season in the major leagues with the Toronto Blue Jays the general manager of the team asked me to go to winter ball in South America to learn a new pitch. I didn’t want to go but I knew that if I wanted to live out my dreams of having a career in major league baseball I had to make the short-term sacrifice. My sacrifice was being away from my family during the holidays. Everyone else in major league baseball had the winter off with family and friends. I was in South America working on my craft. The short-term sacrifice paid huge dividends. I went on to play 15 seasons in major league baseball and landed on 3 World Championship teams.
When your goal is big enough the short-term sacrifice is easy. What sacrifices do you need to make right now so that you can live out your dreams.

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