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Living in Uncertain Times

living in uncertain times

Living in uncertain times can cause stress, fear, and anxiety.  Stop and think about the amount of fear that took over when the coronavirus broke out. The uncertainty and unknown of the virus can cause us to draw conclusions that are negative and stressful. We worry and stress over things that haven’t happened yet, and most times, the worst-case scenario doesn’t happen, and we have this massive sigh of relief and realize all the worry, fear, anxiety, and stress was for nothing. 

We are all currently living in uncertain times because of the coronavirus, and it has caused massive stress on families and businesses around the world. This virus and other uncertain times will move you in one of two directions, forward or backward. Negative thoughts and emotions cause you to go backwards because they cause you to make bad decisions. When you make the right decisions, you begin to starve out all of the negative thoughts and emotions. 

Today I want to give you FIVE THINGS to consider & take action on to keep you moving forward in these uncertain times:

  1. FOCUS – You have to shift your focus to what you CAN control. Remember, What you focus on grows, so you need to maintain your focus on your VISION and not your current circumstances. I call this the ultimate heavyweight fight, Vision vs. Circumstances. It doesn’t matter where you are if you know where you are going. Its time to regain our focus on our vision. 
  2. SERVE – You take all the attention off yourself when you serve others, and your emotional state turns positive. There has never been a better time to call someone and ask how they are doing and see if there is anything you can do for them. 
  3. TIME – Our most significant asset, and we have had lots of extra time during this crisis. You will either come out of this better or worse, depending on what you do with your time during this time. Fear and stress can cause us to freeze, push yourself into action, and work on something you were too busy to work on before the crisis. Here are a few ideas. Read a new book, start a journal, study, and work on a new skill, set new goals, connect with someone daily, take a daily walk, run, hike, or bike ride. 
  4. PERSONAL LEADERSHIP – Leadership starts with you. Be the leader that you would follow. There is no time for blaming and playing the victim in a crisis. Stand up now and take 100% responsibility for your life and your actions. You should not only protect your hope but become a hope dealer. Remind yourself and others that this too shall pass. 
  5. AWARENESS- I believe this is the X factor to success. My mentor Robin Sharma once said, Better AWARENESS, you make better choices, and with better CHOICES, you get better RESULTS. In times of crisis and uncertainty lies incredible opportunities. Don’t get stuck in the weeds, and remember that problems always surround possibilities. Find the opportunity. 

Living in uncertain times creates challenges. You are either going to come out of this better or worse. I pray that you regain your positive focus, reach out and serve others, focus on what you can do with the gift of this time, lead by taking 100% responsibility and being a hope dealer, and crystalize your awareness into making meaningful choices. 

To Your Success,

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  1. Todd, I would like to add one: adapting. I am an insurance agent and instead of meeting clients in person, my motto of “have car, will travel” has changed to “video conferencing..it’s the next best thing to being there”. With the new way of conducting business, it is those who adapt & change will be those that survive.

  2. Good stuff Todd! Been a major challenge for sure…most of us have felt frustrated and thrown off for a couple of months. The uncertainty is the toughest part. It’s also important to realize that “certain times” are an illusion….nothing is guaranteed, nothing stays the same! Be flexible, solution oriented, and grateful all the time!

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