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Is your past controlling your future?

Are you living through your past, day in and day out?

It’s time to learn from your past and then LET IT GO.

STOP giving power to your PAST.
STOP giving power to the circumstances of the past and
START giving the power to your FUTURE.

You need to take back your life and live the CHAMPION you were born to live.

So look, on this day lets draw the line in the sand!
The PAST is the PAST.
Let’s learn from it then LET IT GO

So from this moment on you can give all the POWER to your VISION so you can become the CHAMPION you were born to live.

It is time to LEARN and LET GO.

Hope this Helps &
Be Relentless,

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  1. Sometimes just when you think things are going well the past rears it’s ugly head and reminds you of those unfortunate days.

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