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How to deal with pain

Today I want to discuss pain.

Maybe some of you find yourself in a place of pain, either in your profession or in your private life.

Maybe you have a family member in a place of pain.

Let me just identify what pain really is; it’s nothing more than a refinery process.

Pain sometimes is the development. It’s the educator.  It’s helping us become who we need to become.

Pain is there to remind us we need to change.

If we have pain in our thinking – we need to change our thinking.

If we have pain in our emotions – we need to change the way we feel.

If we have pain with our associations – we need to change our associations.

If we have pain in our action or what we are doing – we need to change what we are doing.

It is up to us to listen to the teacher, the educator, and that educator is pain.

Hope this helps!


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  1. Todd, Thank you for your outstanding thoughts on ‘how to deal with pain’.

    Suffering is needed to make progress. It is said: “No Pain. No Gain”.

    “The 5 am Club’ is a good example. When you get up early you have clarity with time to pray, read, journal, exercise, focus, while the majority of people sleep-in. It’s tough to get up (suffering) but it’s so worth it with the daily progress that you achieve.

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