How to Build Confidence

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Today I want to talk to you about confidence.

Where does confidence come from?

As you look around you will notice that the most confident people in the world are out there taking massive action towards their goals and dreams.  They are working their craft. Typically the opposite is true for people that lack confidence. They can become frozen and they stop doing the work or taking steps to move forward.

So what have I learned by just watching others that have high confidence versus the others that don’t?

They build their confidence by taking action. You are not going to be confident first and
then take action. You have to take action first! Over periods of taking action, you begin to gain the lessons that will then build you into a more confident person. As you get better, you start gaining more  and more confidence.

If you want to become an extraordinarily confident person, then you must take more relentless action to gain
that confidence.

Become a person of Relentless Action!

Hope this helps!

Be Relentless,

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