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Go All In

In 1989 I was in my early 20’s, and I almost walked  away from my childhood dream.

You see, I was vulnerable, I was struggling, I wasn’t doing well.

Look, I don’t know where you are at today …
But if you are struggling or thinking about  giving up –

It’s NOT time to quit!
It IS time to GO ALL IN!

See back in 1989; I made a DECISION to GO ALL IN.
I couldn’t see 30 days around the corner that I would get called back up to the Major Leagues and play a 15-year career.

So… If you are thinking about walking away, it’s NOT time to walk away – the time for you today is to GO ALL IN and have the mindset that you are going to try and get better every single day. That you are committed  to focus on the skills, the behaviors, and the fundamentals that are going to help you see 30 days around the corner so you can live out your DREAM.

Hope this Helps &
Be Relentless,

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  1. Great article Todd! While playing football at the University of Arkansas I’m 1995, I blew my right knee out just before the SEC Championship game. The doctors said my career was over. I cried for days and almost left school. I ended up staying and graduated with a Business Degree. I’ve know become the best Landman that I can possibly be and hope to run my own energy company one day. Thank you, Andy Riales.

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