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Distractions pull us in every direction other than forward

Distractions pull us in every direction other than forward. When you are distracted, you cannot focus on what you are trying to achieve in your personal life or professional life. Distractions are everywhere. If you allow your brain to become distracted, you may end up derailing your goals and the person you are trying to become. If you learn to avoid distractions and to embrace the importance of focus, you will be able to achieve things you never thought were possible.

Imagine you are in a kayak, traveling down a river. This river has rapids, boulders, and waterfalls that you will have to navigate through to survive. After you steer your kayak out of danger and have a few seconds of calm, what do you do? You look ahead to see what obstacles are in front of you, and you position yourself in the best spot to overcome those obstacles. You don’t have time to think about anything else. You maintain your focus because if you lose it, you could find yourself in grave danger. 

We can take this way of thinking and acting and apply it to our personal and professional lives to grow and achieve the unthinkable. When you are focused, you put yourself in the best position to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead. You have no chance of reaching your highest potential if you don’t focus. You will have to put in the work to avoid the numerous distractions that exist, and it will not be easy. 

You will find distractions in those that doubt your abilities or goals, and you will have to have the willpower to stay true to your vision. You will come across distractions in your thinking, and you will have to change the way you think and react to ensure that you don’t bring yourself down the wrong path. You are in control of the way that you think and react. Don’t let these distractions keep you from leveling up. 

Distractions pull us in every direction other than forward. If there is something in your life that isn’t positive, productive, or inspiring, it is a distraction that is keeping you from becoming the best version of yourself. Take a few minutes to think about the distractions in your life that are keeping you from staying focused on your goals. You can’t change the fact that those distractions exist. Instead, change how you think and react to those distractions, and work every day to remain focused on what is important.

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  1. Great message Todd.
    Just like going back each year to Spring Training. Back to the basics…Gentlemen, this is a baseball.

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