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  1. Hey Todd,

    We met in North Carolina at the ACN convention. I joined Acn in 2012 I was building a team and had close to a hundred customer personal points. My leaders kept telling me not to quit I had a huge set back I had a stroke and went into a coma for 9 months when I came out I did not do any work in ACN for two yrs I didn’t recall anything. On Dec of 16 it came back I went the the international in Dec and then went to North Carolina in March of 17 I wake up and listen to Darren Hardy everyday when I saw you selling your Playbook I just had to buy it. I played baseball all my life growing up in NYC so I always had coaches in my life. My entire up line is just about inactive in ACN and I do read great books I’m great at getting customers but now looking for my coaches is hard cause I can vet customers all the time but am striking out at the Ibo’s. I look at you and Darren Hardy as two great coaches but I have big goals here in Irving Texas.

  2. Great advice. We have a tendency to think we can do things alone or our own way, and with the message you just relayed this is proof we truly can’t do everything by ourselves. As the saying goes “get out of your own way” and in the ACN teachings as I remember….”Be coachable”. Thank you again my friend, I always look forward to your emails and inspiration. We truly can all teach one another or inspire one another. Today I was the student.

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