3x World Series Champion Todd Stottlemyre Releases First Book

May 16, 2017

15-Year MLB Star Writes Relentless Success a 9-Step Plan to Achieve Success

 PHOENIX, Ariz. (May 19, 2017)… Former Major League Baseball star Todd Stottlemyre has written his first book, titled Relentless Success, a 9-step plan to achieve success and it’s now available for pre-order on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and IndieBound.com.   The official book launch is set for July 1, 2017.  The book showcases peaks and valleys from a successful MLB career spent with Toronto, St. Louis, Oakland, Arizona and Texas, as well as a business career while giving readers a rare view into his personal life.

“In life, baseball and business, I’ve had both failures and great success,” said Stottlemyre.  “I’ve learned from the best and I continue to learn and strive to get better every day.  It’s my desire to share that passion with people who may be struggling to figure out what’s next.  I want to inspire them to dream big and give them the tools to achieve success.”

The book is designed to help individuals reach their goals through a 9-step process.  It’s packed with colorful stories from his life in baseball, growing up at Yankee’s Stadium with Mickey Mantle, the tragic loss of his little brother and will leave readers equipped with the mental models to perform at their peak.  Hall of Fame Manager Tony LaRussa wrote the forward.  To pre-order Relentless Success, visit: https://www.madeforsuccess.com.

“A potent book about being a world-class performer by a pro who has lived it,” Robin Sharma, bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title.  “Read this book.  Execute on the insights. Win.”


Standing on the pitcher’s mound during the National League Championship Series; it was the first inning with one out.  Runners were on first and third when the premier power hitter of the year walked up to the plate.  The walls of the stadium began closing in on the young pitcher.  He took a deep breath and remembered the words of his performance coach, “Trust the system, Todd. Just trust the system.”

Years later and after earning three World Series rings, he is now staring down investment bankers at an elite Wall Street firm.  Suddenly, he’s back in the spotlight but this time he’s swimming with the sharks of Wall Street.  The familiar walls are closing in and his saving grace once again is to fall back on his trusted system for achieving monumental success.

About Todd Stottlemyre

Todd Stottlemyre is a global entrepreneur, speaker, and high performance business coach. A former professional athlete who played major league baseball for 15 seasons where he was a part of three World Series title teams. Todd earned the prestigious Branch Rickey award and the Lou Gehrig award in the 2000.  Today, he’s building a global marketing business where he speaks to audiences all over the country inspiring people to dream big, create goals and design strategic roadmaps to achieve success.  To learn more about Todd or schedule a book signing, visit: https://www.toddstottlemyre.com.

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