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World Series To Wall Street: Lessons In Success

Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationallysyndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed Todd Stottlemyre.

On a recent Price of Business show, Host Kevin Price spoke with ToddStottlemyre, the 3X World Series Champion pitcher and author of the new book “The Observer: A Modern Fable onMastering Your Thoughts & Emotions” which just released on December 29,2020! During the interview, Todd Stottlemyre shares how hemade the jump from baseball to business and the crucial life lessons that helearned both on and off the field. Todd reveals that his true success andhappiness came, not from his sports accomplishments, but from making peace withreality and mastering his own thoughts and emotions. Can changing the way youthink, really change your trajectory in life? Todd wholeheartedly says yes!Among other things, Kevin and Todd discuss secrets to success and strategiespeople can use to achieve their peak potential in business and in life. Toddexpands on all of these strategies in “The Observer”.

Todd Stottlemyre is a former MajorLeague Baseball pitcher who played for 15 seasons most notably as a member ofthe Toronto Blue Jays with whom he won two World Series championships. He alsoplayed for the Oakland Athletics, St Louis Cardinals, Texas Rangers, and theArizona Diamondbacks. Awarded for his outstanding integrity and dedication tocommunity service, he received the prestigious Branch Ricky Award and the LouGehrig Award.
After leaving professional baseball, he pursued a career in finance building anasset management business at a high-profile Wall Street firm. He is theco-founder and owner of a private equity fund that owns, manages, and overseesa number of companies.

Today, Stottlemyre channels hispassion for winning as a high-performance business coach, best-selling author,and keynote speaker. Taking all he has learned both on and off the field, heworks to help people achieve unparalleled success in every dimension of theirlives.

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Todd Stottlemyre


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Todd Stottlemyre

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