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Thrive Global: Todd Stotlemyre, Author, Speaker and Former MLB Pitcher

My Sports History:

Todd Stottlemyre is a global entrepreneur, speaker, and high performance business coach. A former professional athlete who played major league baseball for 15 seasons where he was a part of three World Series title teams. Todd earned the prestigious Branch Rickey award and the Lou Gehrig award in the 2000. His successful MLB career was spent with Toronto, St. Louis, Oakland, Arizona and Texas. He says, “Playing in the big leagues was a massive goal. The percentages were highly against me ever making it. I never gave into the percentages, I knew it was possible and if it was possible then I knew I could make it. I became a major leaguer at the age of 22 in 1988 with the Toronto Blue Jays. I failed my way through 15 seasons where I landed on 3 World Championship Teams. Yes, I said failed. Failing is a huge part of success. I learned some incredible lessons in my journey playing major league baseball. I had some of the greatest coaches and mentors along the way. I played with some of the most gifted athletes in the world and I had a front row seat to their goals, mindsets, training, failures and successes. I learned something from each and every one of them that helped shape my career and life.”

What I Do Now:

Today, he’s building a global marketing business where he speaks to audiences all over the country inspiring people to dream big, create goals and design strategic roadmaps to achieve success.

How I Applied my Sports Lessons to my Business:

After baseball I went into the business world. I worked for a wall street firm for almost 5 years before launching my own investment fund. Once again, I was surrounded by incredible business talent. Today I’m building a global marketing business with some of the brightest entrepreneurs I have ever been around. In life, baseball, and business I’ve had both failures and great success. I’ve learned from the best. By the way, I continue to learn and strive to get better everyday. For this reason I am here to help you. It is my desire to inspire people to dream again like when we were children. To guide you through the ups and downs of life. Yes you will fall but it’s getting back up every time that counts. He adds my mother and father were huge influences on my life. They believed in pursuing your dreams. I can still remember my Dad saying, “Whatever you decide to do, give it everything you have and be the best that you can possibly be.”

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Todd Stottlemyre


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Todd Stottlemyre

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