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Success Habits Of Super Achievers With Kyle Wilson

I was honored to be interviewed recently by my friend Kyle Wilson (Jim Rohn’s 18 year biz partner) for his Success Habits podcast. Kyle has had Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, Darren Hardy and many other mentors and friends on his show.

I have to admit I really went there. It was emotional at times as I shared about my journey and all the lessons along the way.

In the interview we cover:

  • My 15 Year MLB career and Winning 3 World Series
  • How Kyle andI  Met and First Worked Together
  • Growing Up in Baseball Royalty Through My Dad, Mel Stottlemyre, for the Yankees.
  • Beating the Odds
  • Getting Called Down and My Dad’s Advice
  • The Decision That Forever Changed My Life
  • Emotional Story of Losing My Little Brother to Leukemia
  • My Greatest Loss and Victory
  • How Harvey Dorfman Saved My Career and Life
  • Overcoming Demons and Finding Healing
  • Allowing Our Kids to Have Freedom and Find Their Authentic Selves
  • My Next Career After Baseball
  • Why I Loves Being Part of A Team – Teams Win
  • The 911 Call About My Dad
  • My Dad, Mel Stottlemyre’s Inspiration In My Life
  • Deciding to Share My Story Through Writing The Book Relentless Success
  • And More !

List to the full interview here!

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