How to Manage Your Thoughts and Emotions by Letting Sh*t Go with Todd Stottlemyre

May 5, 2021

Todd Stottlemyre

Todd Vernon Stottlemyre is an entrepreneur, business coach, author, and Major League Baseball player. During his youth, Todd watched his father, Mel Stottlemyre, pitch for the New York Yankees. Todd and his brothers grew up watching their father’s games, going to practices, and helping out with the team. Todd quickly fell in love with the game and went on to play 15 seasons of Major League Baseball as a pitcher. Stottlemyre played for the Toronto Blue Jays and was the starting pitcher for two world championships in 1992-1993. After Todd retired from baseball in 2002, he developed a passion for the stock market and co-founded a hedge fund in 2010. Since 2010, Todd has been co-running this business, writing books, and telling his story to listeners around the world.

Managing Your Thoughts and Emotions

Today, Todd is a husband, father, and self-made business and life coach who learned how to turn guilt into joy by one simple action – letting go. He shares valuable life lessons as well as emotionally captivating stories that demonstrate how he took control of his emotions and began living his life more intentionally.

Guilt can lead to the emotional baggage that is carried with us every day if we don’t learn to let it go. That guilt can drain the joy from our lives and bring us to dark places. Recognizing this guilt and letting go of your baggage can help you start the healing process with not only yourself but your relationships with others as well.

Todd recalls the guilt he carried with him for 12 years of his life and how he hated the man he saw in the mirror. Through a family loss, emotional baggage, his journey to fame, and the life-changing words of Harvey Dorfman, Todd was able to abolish the guilt he carried with him and live a more intentional, thoughtful life.


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