How to get Unstuck

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I’ve talked to a lot of people who are feeling stuck right now. Maybe they had some success but they got to a place where they have a ceiling. I will tell you if you are feeling stuck, the first thing you need to do is REFLECT. Go back and look when things were good, what were you doing? What kind …

Are you a Phony?

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Today I want to talk about CHARACTER… What truly is character? It defines you. Your true character defines you based on what you do, how you act, and how you perform when no one is watching. Look- when things are going great it is easy to be excited and when things are going great, it is easy to have an …

What’s your Secret Sauce?

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Today I want to talk to you about your secret sauce. I want you to think about it… what is your secret sauce? Let me give you a little help here – The greatest secret sauce that you can employ is called WORK ETHIC. See other people may have more talent than you or maybe you think they were blessed …

How to eliminate stress by asking one simple question

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Today I want to talk about how to eliminate stress by going through life moment by moment. Adopting the mindset as we go through each moment to ask ourselves the question,  what am I suppose to learn from this? When unfortunate things happen, and they will…. Instead of playing victim to our current circumstance, what if we did a mindset …

Anyone else hate to lose?

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I love to win and I hate to lose. I actually hate losing MORE than I enjoy winning. Even though I hate losing, I understand  the importance behind every loss, failure, and setback. I have learned to LOVE the benefits of the failures, the setbacks, and the losses because those are lessons I can learn from. Those are my reminders …

How to deal with pain

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Today I want to discuss pain. Maybe some of you find yourself in a place of pain, either in your profession or in your private life. Maybe you have a family member in a place of pain. Let me just identify what pain really is; it’s nothing more than a refinery process. Pain sometimes is the development. It’s the educator.  …

Are you taking advantage of your best teacher?

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The fastest way to learn is probably not by reading a book, although that is a great way to learn. The fastest way to learn is by your own experiences, and this is exactly why Nike said: “Just Do It.” I want you to put the phone down. I want you to put the book down, and I want you …

There’s a Gift in Every Moment

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I have been having a lot of fun going live on Instagram with a concise – 60-second message – to hopefully inspire and encourage you to live your best life. I’m going to be sharing some of these topics with you right here weekly. This weeks message is: There is a gift in every MOMENT… We all spend so much …

The Road To The World Series

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Watch the latest blog video as Todd shares his thoughts on the road to your world series. P.S.If you want to lock arms and join me on this journey please register for the website. I look forward to seeing your success!

Leading From the Front

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I don’t talk a lot about the subject of leadership, but today I want to give you a few things to think about on how I feel about leading. I hope this short message on a few thoughts on Leadership helps you as you move towards your goals. Lastly, I have some great offers going on at my store. The …