Raising My Standards Through A Crisis

Raising My Standards Through A Crisis

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Raising my standards through a crisis is a choice, and I intend to make it. Who would have guessed that 2020 was going to come with these challenges? It seems that every time we turn around, the news gets worse or, at the least, not better. So much uncertainty of not only where we are but what the near future …

the cost you must pay upfront for hitting your goal

What is in the Gap Between You and Your Goal?

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What is in the gap between you and your goal? The gap is everything you are going to go through on your way to achieving your goal.   Also known as the cost, this is what you have to pay upfront and in full before you reap the rewards. No gap looks the same but how you come out of it …

The Importance of Leadership

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The importance of leadership begins with YOU and becoming the person YOU would want to follow. There are no days off when it comes to leadership- and it is tested and challenged every day. You can’t effectively lead others if you aren’t true to yourself. You won’t go the extra mile, and you won’t stand tall in the middle of …

living in uncertain times

Living in Uncertain Times

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Living in uncertain times can cause stress, fear, and anxiety.  Stop and think about the amount of fear that took over when the coronavirus broke out. The uncertainty and unknown of the virus can cause us to draw conclusions that are negative and stressful. We worry and stress over things that haven’t happened yet, and most times, the worst-case scenario …

keep your dream alive

Keeping the Dream Alive

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In these challenging times, I want to share three simple steps that you can do to keep your dream alive. 1- You have to keep the FAITH The time to reclaim your Faith is right now, and remember this too shall pass. To keep the dream alive, you have to be able to see the end in sight with a …

3 Strategies To Focus On In These Times Of Uncertainty

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I want to share three strategies you can focus on during these uncertain times. #1  Be Present Every single moment is precious, don’t miss out thinking about or worrying about tomorrow, its going to take care of itself.  Remember, your circumstances can NOT define you unless you give the power to your circumstance to define you. #2 Be Grateful There …

How to Live a Legendary Life

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Who do you want to be? If you died today, What would others say about your life? Would they use such terms as legacy? Would they say you walked with Legends with the gifts that you were granted? Maybe a better question is: If this was your last day, how would you describe your life? I can’t help but think …

The “F” Word

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Today I want to talk about the “F’ word. That’s right, the “F” word: FREAKING FAILURE and how not to get hung up or consumed with all of the failure that is going on around you. Let me tell you that I believe you need to EMBRACE FAILURE. Matter of fact, I believe that every single day your goal should …

The Real Deal on Goal Setting

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Goal setting takes time. So many times people get excited and fired up to make significant changes in their life. They create and make all of these goals. They go from where they were to going 100 mph overnight. Then they get a week out, a month out, maybe sometimes even six months out and they become overwhelmed. Then they …

Stop Competing

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Stop Competing! Stop competing against everyone else. If you are a company stop competing against the other companies. If you are an athlete stop competing against everyone else. If you are a student stop competing against the other students. The only competition is the person you look at in the mirror. Start competing against yourself. Don’t allow some other company, …