Signature Keynote – The 9 Point Success System

Setting goals and dreaming are part of how we realize our destiny. Every day, we set short term goals when we wake up to accomplish certain tasks during the day and we set long term goals that give us an idyllic vision of where we want to be in a few months or a few years.

The hard part about setting goals and having dreams is following through with them and really sitting down to think about the steps required to get to success. Constructing steps to achieve your goals is a complex and daunting task that takes trial and error because as we all know, the road to success is not an upward slope on a graph. It’s an uphill climb and then we may get side-tracked or have a set-back. It takes true perseverance, and to help champion those setbacks and losses I have created a “9 Point Achievement System.” In my keynote, these steps outline how to triumph through obstacles, tangibly obtain success, and champion the process along the way…

Audiences Will Learn:

Step 1: Setting Goals

  • Clarify a vision
  • Don’t let your goals remain a “distant maybe”
  • Plan an action to let your dreams get to completion

Step 2: New Behaviors

  • Develop new behaviors and change small things daily to help you become the person you want to be
  • Realize that change doesn’t happen overnight and don’t get discouraged
  • Remain patient and never stop improving

Step 3: The Why

  • What will carry you through the dark days and what will make the celebrations sweeter
  • Must be clear and must be unshakable
  • Things that have shaped you or things your success will impact

Step 4: Be Willing to Sacrifice

  • Give up short term comforts for long term gain
  • Pain is inevitable, embrace it
  • Bad habits don’t lead to good results

Step 5: Fighting the Enemy

  • Protect your mind
  • Master your enemies and use them to make you stronger and to fuel your success
  • Embrace a “Whatever it takes” mentality

Step 6: Decision Time

  • Re-evaluate goals happens when your perspective changes
  • Don’t be scared of change
  • Change leads to growth, and growth leads to success

Step 7: Working Partners

  • Friends, superiors, or those looking up to you
  • Draw inspiration from those around you
  • More people bring new perspectives

Step 8: Take the “Quit” Option Off the Table

  • Understand that it is easier to give in if quitting is something you allow yourself to think of
  • Suffering does not mean quitting is your best option, it means that success is just around the corner
  • It is not an easy climb, but every obstacle makes you stronger

Step 9: Work it and Live it

  • Once a goal is accomplished, it won’t always feel like a sweet victory, victories require work to maintain
  • Just as hard staying at the top than getting to the top
  • Create new goals, always areas in which you can improve

"We had the great pleasure of having Todd as our premier Keynote speaker at our Mountain Connect Broadband Development Conference in Vail, CO. Although Todd has no background in telecommunications, he delivered a memorable and valuable message to our audience. This says a great deal about Todd's ability to connect with a diverse audience while delivering a powerful yet relevant message in any industry. He exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking a well constructed and motivational speaker!"

- Jeffrey Gavlinski, CEO Mountain Connect

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